Bonus Toy

I missed a post yesterday, so you got 2 today, plus this little piece of weirdness:
whitney music box

Pop Quiz!

Can you pass the third grade? - U.S. States geography test.

Lunar Command

Lunar Command - Interesting Missile Command clone, with the twist that you earn points you can use to repair your damaged cities.

Flower Power

Flower Power - Shoot flowers to eliminate groups of 3 or more. Snood clone puzzle game.

Collapse II

Collapse II - If you've ever played Same, you know the concept here. click on groups of blocks to remove them, with higher points for larger groups. Another row appears every few seconds, and if you fill the screen you lose. Classic puzzle game.

Mr. Picassohead

Mr. Picassohead - This could not be more fun.


Escapa! - Awesome javascript only game. Drag the red sqare to avoid the blue rectangles and the walls. surprisingly fun and challenging.


fun_game2- This is a pretty self-explanatory puxxle game.


PENDULUMECA In this game you just try to swing your Mech as far as you can. Click and hold your mouse to shoot a line to the ceiling, then swing from it, release the mouse button when you have the trajectory you want, then swing again.

Oh, and watch out for the spikes on the floor.

Hyper Frame

Hyper Frame: "Use the left mouse button to connect two same-colored markers without crossing lines."
This is a relatively rare 3D web game.

Stress Relief

Bubble Wrap - Must have more.


Curveball - 3D pong with a twist. The motion of the paddle as it contacts will put a spin on the ball, causing the ball to curve.


eyehook - games : COLOR box : The eyehook COLOR box is a puzzle game using the additive color system (color theory).


Reflections is a light-table simulation puzzle game. The object is to light up all the bulbs on the board by using mirrors to direct a laser beam through them.