Evacuation Game

Evacuation Game - A puzzler in which you must vent giant purple aliens into space while trying not to vent too many of your crewmen.


Pel - is a sort of a musical multiball pong. it keeps you on your toes.

Miss Bimbo

Miss Bimbo

A fantastic "fashion" based game where you level up by completing tasks such as getting new boyfriends, buying shoes, or getting of plastic surgery.
This game is quite controversial, and has gained many of it's membership from the negative media it's gotten.
Your bimbo doesn't simply leach off her boyfriend, though the best she'll do in her career is making the same as what her boyfriend is giving her. To attain jobs, this career woman must have a minimum IQ. To get the baker job, that IQ is 70, though to get higher jobs she may need *up to* an IQ of 200. There is no limit to how intelligent she may become, IQ is gained by playing games and going to the library.
Probably the most intellectual job a bimbo may have is architect, but in a level or two, she decides that "maths is boring" and she wants to become a supermodel.
Training for jobs can vary, the longest training period in the game being 90 days. In order for a day to count you must log in.
A bimbo can have pets, if she has the bimbo dollars to purchase one. A bimbo and her pet must both be fed and maintain a level of happiness.
If a bimbo gets too hungry she may get sick, and if a bimbo stays sick she may die and go to bimbo heaven.
Bimbo pets do not die, but they can be returned and exchanged.
Miss Bimbo has 35 levels, some take quite some time to complete.

As of now, it's possible to go through the whole thing without paying a penny. There has however been some talk of making a VIP section, which is tragic and sad and unwanted.

Today I Die

Today I Die - This is a rare poetry based puzzle game.