Red - A base defense game against indestructible asteroids.

Cursor Gravity

Cursor Gravity - Javascript game, the mouse cursor attracts a little planet


Torus - tetris on a round platform. Smart and simple 3d effect.

Play Jim Cramer's Crashteroids Game

Play Jim Cramer's Crashteroids Game | The Big Money- A timely retrospective on the recent market turmoil.


tetoris.swf - Remeber a few days a go I said I hated you? This is just to show I was serious.

Piano Bar

Piano Bar - Great fun, the free playing mode makes it seem a little delayed, but the game mode is a blast.

Circular Blot

ircular Blot - A fairly simple physics game.



Andrew the Droid

Andrew the Droid - Fun, gravity altering,puzzle,

cursor chaos

cursor chaos - I'm posting this because I secretly hate you and want you to suffer.


Splitter - A simple physics based game. Instead of building object to get a ball to the target, you cut existing object in half to collapse them and form ramps.

Ragdoll Cannon Remake -

Ragdoll Cannon Remake - A simple target practice strategy game. Sometimes the odd projectiles make the target harder to hit, sometimes they make it easier.