BoomShakalaka - Tricky chain reaction puzzle game.

Stunt Pilot

Stunt Pilot - Fly your prop plane through the hoops. Simple and very well put together.

Chat Noir

Chat Noir - Trap the black cat. It seems impossibl at fist, bu it's easy if you plan ahead.


Arithmetic - Play through once, then take a look at the leaderboard!

Monster Invade

Monster Invade- ASDW to move, mouse to aim and fire. - Just...

Square Run

Square Run - this is another mouse game, except you use the keyboard.

Too Many Ninjas

Too Many Ninjas - Slightly weird controls, but fun once you get used to it.

Maggie's Germy Roundup

Maggie's Germy Roundup -catch those nasty germs before they get away!

Line Rider

Line Rider - Draw a slope for a cute little guy on a sled to ride. Try making a loop!

Super Viking Shark Panch

Super Viking Shark Panch - You are the fiercest Viking in the land, and it’s time to lay the smack down on some sharks!

Coffee Tycoon

Coffee Tycoon Very much like Lemonade stand and Transport Tycoon, only with Starbucks-like coffee. Enjoy!


gamegame6 - This is just weird. Weird.


Blix - The goal seems to be to get 3 of the same color tile in a column, by sliding the rows, without running out of moves.


Bloxorz - Like Marble Maddess, but with a slab of... Marble? Strategy/puzzle game where you roll a block through a grid.

The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz - I post this because I secretly hate you all. It's that good.

Recognition Penny Game

Recognition Penny Game: "The penny is everywhere: in your pocket, on the street, behind the couch cushions. We've been around them our entire lives, and used them in countless exchanges. So it won't be hard to recognize one, right? " A Game from NASA.

Meffert's Puzzle Challenge

Meffert's Puzzle Challenge - More Rubix cubes. From a company that sells them. I want to buy a Megaminx.


Off-sides - In which you play the role of Maxwell's demon. It's negative pong!


Hexxagon - Stone-flipping style strategy game on a hex grid.


Fishy - Very simple. Eat small fish to grow, don't get eaten by bigger fish.


MindScape - Simple platform game. Except there is no down.

Toy: LineTo experimental by ~Volcanic-Penguin

LineTo experimental - Not a game, but a good pretty picture generator. The buttons in the lower left choose different settings. Clicking will alter the effect.


virus2.swf - A nifty puzzle game. Change the color of the cells you control, and you gain control over adjactent cells of that color. Pick the colors carefully to control the whole board as quickly as possible.

every second counts

The ultimate waste of time game, for wasting precise amounts of time. Elegant and hard.
From zefrank.

Flash Element TD

Flash Element TD - Gun placement strategy game. Best video game directions: You get wood every 7 levels use wood to research upgrades. [emphasis theirs] Warcraft Themed.