Master Mind

Master Mind - Can you deduce the colors and positions of the four hidden pegs?
A white answer peg means you've got one color right, black means a right position and color, but you don't know which ones.
Do you recognize the theme music?

[New] Virtual Curling Game - Well done flash game, but the computer opponent lacks strategy, and I'm not sure I understand the scoring.

Splash Back - "get all of the globs off the screen by pumping them." umm, yeah....

Mosaic - This is another live global interaction project, like isnoop's fridge

mlgoss pointed me to ngame.swf (also available Here)
This is the a web version of N, a ninja game. I was familiar only with the Downloadable version.
I highly reccomend the download. It has 100 episodes, which is 500 individual levels. It seems smoother than the web version, and includes a hard to use level editor, no ads, unlockable ninja colors and speed settings, and is just awesome.

If you hated Escapa, Scrape, and cursor_eat, then you will absolutely hate:
Mouse Game.

Eyeball Mazes - Cool logic puzzle. Pure javascript game.

Extra Free Games

Gyroball - Think 'marble madness' but smoother.
Scrape - This is not quite like Escapa!
Urban Plans - This is not quite like sim city.
Divine Intervention - You play as a priest trying to rid the town of evil which takes the form of zombies. Worth watching the completely over-the top cutscene.
Tactical Assassin - Read the briefings, they are important.

Updates: Equilibria - Remove color groups of 3 or more marbles, as they are added from 4 directions. un puzzle game.
Flip it - Nice little puzzle game flip all the black chips to white, but when you flip one, the 4 adjacent flip too!
Territory War - Take turns, thow grenades. If you've ever played Worms, this is like that but with even stupider AI.

Bonus toys:
Semaphore Ninja
The Chaos Game - Click on red, blue, or green, and the dot will move half the distance towards that corner, try to get the dot in the colored area.

Format Change

I'm switching to putting multiple games into single posts, to cut down a bit one the clutter. Don't worry, You'll still get your quota.

Format Change

I'm switching to putting multiple games into single posts, to cut down a bit one the clutter. Don't worry, You'll still get your quota.

Word Up

Word Up - Kind of like boggle, only not timed, and with explosives. Shockwave game


GROTRIAN Pianos - You heard me!

I'm not sure what the origin of this is, but I like it.


theyrule - I'm counting this as a game because it's fun to play with, you could spend hours on it, and it is almost certainly a waste of time.


Qix - This is apparently a classic arcade game that I've never played before. You slide around the outer boundary, and cut out swatches of area. You have avoid the Qix while you're cutting, and othre little baddies while you're not. seems hard.


TRIGLAV - This is a pretty amazing all javascript RPG. It has a level of play you would expect from java or flash.

Starship Seven

Starship Seven - This is a fun little lander game in flash. Easy to understand, but still challenging.

Bonus Toy: Cyborg Name Decoder

General Artificial Machine Engineered for Logical Observation and Online Peacekeeping

Sudoku Combat

Sudoku Combat: "Each player receive the same Sudoku. The first person to finish it wins."

Wavy Bonus Toy

Ripple Tank Simulation - This is an amazing java applet. Fun and educational.

Unreal Flash

Unreal Flash - This is a very well done platform remake of a First person shooter. Its gameplay is of the style of the game Abuse. You aim with the mouse in any direction, and run and jump with the keyoard. Very good mulitplayer simulation.

South Park Studio

Souht Park Studio - What would you look like in South Park? This is perfect for avatar creation, if you're too shy for a real photo.


Tantrix - Online version of the classic tile game. I feel like this is harder than the real world version because the program actually enforces the rules.

Bonus Toy Retro

smb_super_synth.swf - Super Mario Bros. Sounds


Planarity - Arrange the dots so that the lines don't overlap. Starts easy, gets hard.


Gravity - Click and drag to fire procetiles, they must orbit for a specfied amount of time to win.'s fridge's fridge 3.0. Play with my magnetic words.
- This emulates the poety magnets that are such fun. The neat thing about this is that anyone who plays affects the positions of the magnets for you too, so you can see what other poets are doing, in almost real time.
Try not to fight over the good words.

Ninja Rinseout

Ninja Rinseout - simple flash game. Use arrows to move and jump, D to duck, S to attack. Up and over to climb walls.

Jackson Pollock Bonus Toy

Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas - I was late again! Drizzle pain onto the canvas, click to change color.

Aim & Fire

Aim & Fire - It's a carnival shootout! hit the X's or the O's, and do it fast.

Starcraft Flash Action 3

Starcraft Flash Action 3 - This is a strategy game that uses starcraft graphics and sound. It is definitely not a starcraft clone, but it is fun.


cursor_eat.swf - Flash game in which a little man tries to catch your mouse cursor. watch out, he's tricky!

Fancy Pants Adventure

Fancy Pants Adventure - A very fun platform game. Pretty advanced game engine.

Russian Puzzle

Russian Puzzle - Drag the peices into the box without overlapping. Hold "Shift" and click to rotate a peice.