Extra Free Games

Gyroball - Think 'marble madness' but smoother.
Scrape - This is not quite like Escapa!
Urban Plans - This is not quite like sim city.
Divine Intervention - You play as a priest trying to rid the town of evil which takes the form of zombies. Worth watching the completely over-the top cutscene.
Tactical Assassin - Read the briefings, they are important.

Updates: Equilibria - Remove color groups of 3 or more marbles, as they are added from 4 directions. un puzzle game.
Flip it - Nice little puzzle game flip all the black chips to white, but when you flip one, the 4 adjacent flip too!
Territory War - Take turns, thow grenades. If you've ever played Worms, this is like that but with even stupider AI.

Bonus toys:
Semaphore Ninja
The Chaos Game - Click on red, blue, or green, and the dot will move half the distance towards that corner, try to get the dot in the colored area.