Master Mind

Master Mind - Can you deduce the colors and positions of the four hidden pegs?
A white answer peg means you've got one color right, black means a right position and color, but you don't know which ones.
Do you recognize the theme music?

[New] Virtual Curling Game - Well done flash game, but the computer opponent lacks strategy, and I'm not sure I understand the scoring.

Splash Back - "get all of the globs off the screen by pumping them." umm, yeah....

Mosaic - This is another live global interaction project, like isnoop's fridge

mlgoss pointed me to ngame.swf (also available Here)
This is the a web version of N, a ninja game. I was familiar only with the Downloadable version.
I highly reccomend the download. It has 100 episodes, which is 500 individual levels. It seems smoother than the web version, and includes a hard to use level editor, no ads, unlockable ninja colors and speed settings, and is just awesome.

If you hated Escapa, Scrape, and cursor_eat, then you will absolutely hate:
Mouse Game.

Eyeball Mazes - Cool logic puzzle. Pure javascript game.